Motorcycle Insurance

Before you hit the open road on your motorcycle, make sure you have the correct amount of insurance coverage. Connect with the professionals at Kline Insurance Agency for all your motor bike policy needs.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance for Allegan, Michigan

Are you looking for cheaper motorcycle insurance options? Let us review your motorcycle insurance policy and look for better options. We write policies for a number of clients in Allegan and Van Buren counties.

ATV Insurance

Do you need ATV insurance in Michigan? Legally, the answer is “No” but you should understand the risks and why we recommend getting ATV insurance.  Having a policy in place protects you from financial loss in the case of an accident where you are injured, another rider is injured, and/or property is damaged.

Snowmobile Insurance

Do you need Snowmobile insurance in Michigan?  Again, Michigan doesn’t require you to carry insurance but you should consider the risks. Michigan is known as the “The Water/Winter Wonderland” and has hundreds of miles of trails designated for snowmobiles. It is estimated there are 6,500 miles of snowmobile trails in Michigan with quite a few right here in Allegan county.

Motorcycle Insurance | Kline Insurance Agency in Allegan, Michigan
Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Yes. Individuals must have at least liability coverage in case they cause an accident resulting in death or bodily injury.

In general, Michigan does require protective headgear to be worn. However, individuals over 21 years of age can obtain special licensing & insurance which allows them not to wear a helmet.

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